The 7th Annual Lexus Hybrid Art Exhibition

12–25 October
St Petersburg’s Manege Central Exhibition Hall

From 12– 25 October 2016, St Petersburg’s Manege Central Exhibition Hall will host the Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition. For the first time in its 7 year history, Russia’s main platform for hybrid art is moving to St Petersburg — Russia's cultural centre — which represents an altered approach to this kind of exhibition, and aims to present a major, collective experiment in assembling the future. 
Since 2010, Lexus Hybrid Art exhibition has annually presented the works of leading contemporary artists whose creative output matches the philosophy of the Lexus brand. 
This new 2016 Lexus Hybrid Art installment will open up innovative scenarios for audience interaction and expand the frontiers of previously well-known formats such as interactive exhibits of contemporary art and immersive theatre. This year's featured practitioner is the Canadian artist, designer, writer, publicist, futurologist and visionary Douglas Coupland. 2016 Lexus Hybrid Art invites visitors to experience Coupland's narrative inspired by this year’s central theme — "Anticipation. Assembling the Future."